Packing Guide: Siem Reap

Packing Guide: Siem Reap

1. Knee Length/Long Skirt or Dress – When visiting the temples in Siem Reap you will need to cover your knees and shoulders out of respect for the religion and culture. The misconception is that you need to be covered to enter the grounds, which is not necessarily true (just the actual temple inside the grounds); however, it is recommended that one is covered up out of respect for the culture. Most locals wear long pants and long sleeves at all times. Keep in mind wrap skirts and dresses can be purchased at any of the stalls surrounding the temples for as low as $4.00.

2. Jogger Pants or Linen Pants – These will serve as the same purpose as a long skirt or dress (covering knees). Therefore, this is a style/comfort decision. Some people are simply more comfortable in pants. It is perfectly acceptable to wear leggings or yoga pants. Like skirts and dress, pants can be purchased at any stall as low as $3.00, just do not purchase at Ankor Wat, unless you would like to pay about $8.00 for a pair.

3. Shirt or Tank – As mentioned above your shoulders do not need to be covered at all times, so feel free to wear a short sleeve shirt or tank top, just don’t forget a to bring a scarf. Loose cotton shirts are recommended with the heat!

4. Scarf – If you opt to wear a tank top, shorts, short dress or skirt, bring a scarf that can be wrapped around the shoulders or waist, like a sarong. Just make sure the scarf is large enough. Again, scarves can be purchased at any of the stalls for $3.00-$8.00.

5. Comfortable Shoes – Sneakers will the most the comfortable as the grounds are uneven and made up to loose stones and it can be easy to slip. Tourists do wear sandals as they can be a bit more stylish, so to get the best of both worlds (style and comfort) I recommend espadrilles (with rubber soles) or converse sneakers.

6. Cross Body Bag, Backpack or Fanny Pack – Whenever traveling you need a bag of some sort to keep your items safe. Make sure to select something with zippers and that can be held close to your body. Yes, fanny packs, were a thing of the 80’s, but they are making a comeback and very handy.

7. Hat – Top off the ensemble with a cute stylish hat to protect yourself from the heat.

8. Sunglasses – I know we keep repeating this sentiment, but it is very hot and the sun is intense, so you’ll want sunglasses.

9. Water – It is very hot and can get very tiresome exploring temples all day, so you will want to be hydrated. Most likely your driver will provide you with bottled water, but just in case he does not, come prepared!

10. Also, don’t forgot your sunscreen…it is hot! Hot! HOT!